Wednesday, January 9, 2013

You Deserve a Break...

As we rolled right into this awesome new year of 2013; it had occurred to me that rolling was literally the state of affairs. We had not even - and by that I mean at home - taken so much as one day to rest. This is after a very long stretch at the end of the year; starting with the hurricane, being homeless due to our home being destroyed, then after close to 2 months, finally moving into our own home again. Wait, there were also holidays thrown in there, too and lastly the passing of my Mom at the end of November. If I start to add all of that up, I get tired just thinking about it. We also got our new home fixed up with all the touches it needed to make it a true home. With all that, we have not stopped long enough to even enjoy it! After talking about this with Maryellen this morning; we decided not only do we deserve a break - but we needed one and are taking one. No to-do lists, worrying about things that can wait or running around. no; instead will be sloth-like and cocoon ourselves voluntarily in glorious comfort. Slowing down is not only a suggested activity, but it can also be rewarding. I am looking very much forward to it people!! Have an awesome day!!

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