Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Giving Is Much Better Than Receiving

For long as I've heard it, I have always identified with the saying "it is better to give, than receive".  In living this way, it has opened up the world in ways I never dreamed of; I am not even speaking in terms of material possessions at all here.  In fact, it is the way to "Live Simply".
I look at it like this: how nice it feels to give somebody a helping hand and see the smile on their face as they say "thank you"; or even the simple act of holding the door for people and they smile.  These unselfish gestures continue to give back; because whether or not we realize how paying it forward works or karma or call it what you will - the good vibrations keep reverberating in the best ways.  Plus, the warm feeling that I get from being kind and considerate make me smile all the time. This is one of the ways the goodness keeps coming back; long as you are selfless and kind to others, it always will.  I love that! 
Having nice things is all good and well; but in the end - it's just stuff.  

Monday, January 14, 2013

Losing a best friend...

In life, there will always be two things; love and loss.  Last Friday, I experienced a loss.  In fact, we all did.  Our furry beloved dog, Whiskey, passed away.  If was in the morning and he was thought to still be asleep.  We can only pray that his passing was painless for Whiskey.  He was such an amazing and sweet dog.  Happy, loving and loyal.  This hit all of us very hard.  I do not know what one can say about losing a pet; that any pet owner doesn't know.  
Still, I have moments where I look for him and then realize he is gone.  Little things that are just memories of our departed friend; they are fresh in my mind.  He will always be remembered with love and he was the best dog one could ever ask for.  I will miss him very much.  We all do already and the house much quieter; strangely so, without him there.  We love you Whiskey.  You'll always be my boy, my good boy.  Love you.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

You Deserve a Break...

As we rolled right into this awesome new year of 2013; it had occurred to me that rolling was literally the state of affairs. We had not even - and by that I mean at home - taken so much as one day to rest. This is after a very long stretch at the end of the year; starting with the hurricane, being homeless due to our home being destroyed, then after close to 2 months, finally moving into our own home again. Wait, there were also holidays thrown in there, too and lastly the passing of my Mom at the end of November. If I start to add all of that up, I get tired just thinking about it. We also got our new home fixed up with all the touches it needed to make it a true home. With all that, we have not stopped long enough to even enjoy it! After talking about this with Maryellen this morning; we decided not only do we deserve a break - but we needed one and are taking one. No to-do lists, worrying about things that can wait or running around. no; instead will be sloth-like and cocoon ourselves voluntarily in glorious comfort. Slowing down is not only a suggested activity, but it can also be rewarding. I am looking very much forward to it people!! Have an awesome day!!