Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Love... I'm no expert...

I am clearly not an expert on love. No more than anyone else, for that matter. That does not change the fact that my heart is probably too big for my body. We really can't choose who we love, that I do agree, but we can choose how we love, how we release the love that is inside of us. This not specifically a romantic type of love at all, even though it may people's 1st impression when reading this. We can not control who we love, but we can control how we love, how much, how deep & how often... yes, I am repeating myself a little, but it's my way of getting the point across.
Being in love gives us courage to put ourselves out there, but before we can love another - we MUST truly love ourselves. Otherwise, the love for another person is like using tin foil instead of stainless steel. Looks promising, but a person is really fooling themselves, if not selling themselves way short.
Was talking to an old friend from high school & these revelations hit me, so I wanted to share.