Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Checking in for 2012 & Hoping everybody has had a wonderful New Year so far.
Recently, I have been learning to have better awareness about what is a priority and what is not.  That may sound strange to some, but they don't live in my world.  By that, I mean living with an attention deficit makes it increasingly challenging for me to prioritize.  I use lists & phones & calendars.  It helps, but I still need to put the lists in order & not necessarily an "OCD" way; just so I can know what is most important.  This is something I have just begun to work on.  This was sparked by my recent distractions; especially when I have things that are more important, can wait to be addressed & especially giving my attention to my significant other.  Now, I have made a lot of progress in the last few years, but I am still learning; as I always say.
There is certainly nothing wrong with waiting to answer certain emails, tweets, Facebook; what have you.  That was a work issue (emails) that I learned to stop:  answering right away, when it was not necessary.  I need to apply that on all levels & I think that will help a lot.  Each day, I do a little more towards correcting these things & also living a better life.