Wednesday, June 27, 2012

When I Have Not Been The Best Me I Can Be...

There have been many times when I have not been the best version of myself.  Even though I share so much about kindness and treating ourselves right; I forget to do the same for me sometimes.  This leads to behavior that is ugly; not treating the people I love & myself right.  It took a lot of hints and talks this month, to realize that was exactly the way I had been behaving.  At first, I apologize, but that is only a band-aid.  The real work is to make amends for acting like - an asshole - for lack of a better way to put it.  I am sharing this with you; anyone who reads this, but that is the easy part.
I have wonderful people in my life that I love.  If I mistreat them or act unkind, it is also like punching myself in the eye.  So, I am setting the controls for the sun and taking this task on.  I am so grateful for the people who I have, in my life; they have stood by me and I am so blessed for them.  I will make every effort to treat them with love & kindness, just as they treat me me with.  I just needed to admit this shitty behavior, turn it over & let it go.  Now, I will return to my regularly scheduled David!!  
Thanks for reading...

Friday, June 22, 2012

Things Do Go Wrong... So Move Forward.

Nobody ever said that life was perfect or that it would be easy.  Not at all.  Still, that does not mean that if something goes wrong or gets screwed up; that it's the end all be all.  In fact, some of the best results have come from failures and that's also the best way to learn.  I have learned this over many, many years of my life and it is so very true.  It also means to take time, in order to accomplish the things we want to.  Again, nothing is going to happen overnight.  It will always require hard work to achieve something.
When somebody makes a mistake, there is always a lesson to be learned.  I am grateful for those lessons, as they have taught me so much.  Sometimes, they might be painful at first, but the knowledge paves the way for brighter days.  Take it easy, breathe & go slowly.  

Monday, June 18, 2012

...Take Your Time

We all have dreams and there is much hard work required to fulfill them.  It is OK to stop and look around once in a while.  Progress means that we are making efforts to get somewhere; not that we need to rush there. In fact, it is really good to take time, breathe and also take a giant step back from everything.  Look at things from another perspective and be able to see more than you were able to before.  This helps a lot, in the ability to see how far one has come; versus how far they have to go.  
Nobody has the right to judge us; although many will try.  People tend to let their failures not only define them, but cause them to try and bring others down as well.  Talk about toxic... Still, one needs to remain focused, not obsessed or engulfed in; just focused on the goal.  It is so easy for a person to beat themselves up about making progress or getting to a certain "point"; where they might feel as if they have reached some milestone.  Funny thing is - we are only in competition with ourselves, for it is the only thing we can truly measure and not compare.  Stick to your guns; do not let anybody steal your dreams, just because they are not brave enough to try themselves.  Let the naysayers go on; critics are the ones who lack the ability to do it themselves, so they should not prevent others.  
Most important: never, ever give up.  The end result; no matter how far it may seem, will be worth everything drop we put into it.  It will not be easy; there will be pain, stress, fear; all of that is temporary.  Working hard to achieve what we want; whether in a home, relationship or career, requires a lot of work.  There is no sitting back and "hoping" things will work out.  Do not be afraid to take baby steps; it is far better than doing nothing at all.