Thursday, January 5, 2017

Giving Is Always In Style

Ironic or not, this is the season of giving. Which also means the season of wanting. People tend to get in that "ooh I want it" mode right about now. Go ahead, admit it... you might have seen a pair of shoes or watch or even a car you have been secretly coveting. Regarding the season of giving though; it actually feels much better to give and not just now, always. Sound crazy? Well, it's not. Being selfless, rather than selfish, is one of the best things a person can do in their lifetime. It not only spreads kindness and love, but it also makes us better people. It makes people smile and feel appreciated. Just a positive thought to put in one's head, when most people (not all) are in the manic and frenzied holiday mode. Take a deep breath and feel your chest. Feel that heartbeat? Yup, you're a functioning human being. Go out there and be awesome.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Putting Our Best Thought Forward

New year, new aspirations, new goals, new dreams and yes, new year's resolutions. There is absolutely nothing wrong with thinking big or planning for the most awesome year ever. That also means sooner or later there may be some disillusion and possibly even resentment. One thing I have been told and it sticks with me every single day - that is 'start as you mean to go on'. This means not over promising, selling something that can not be delivered or making a statement, which there is nothing to back it up or support it and trying to make it fly anyway. Things happen, plans change and life still goes on, no matter what. What I have learned, is to work hard, be positive, drive towards the goal and be able to bend with life in the process. It gives a person more ability to grow, see things from different angles and overcome adversity. Using the most helpful thoughts in our heads; the ones which will ultimately lead to actions and those actions will bring us closer to our goals. Of course, that is not to say that we will not have obstacle and hurdles, but we will learn how to tackle them and push through them, too. In life, there are no guarantees to speak of, other than death and taxes. Not trying to sound morose, but just realistic. The sooner we realize that we should spend less time thinking about what we didn't achieve or what goals we may not have reached and instead seeing how far we have come as ourselves, the better off we will be. The mind controls a lot of things, but we control the mind and in dong so, our thoughts. Think big and work your tail off. Good things will be in your future and never ever give up.