Thursday, November 17, 2011

Learning Life Lessons

Even though I have been lucky enough to see and learn many things; I am still far from educated when it comes to life lessons. Relationships have never been my strong suit; because of choices I have made in my past, I ended up in a few painful ones. Still, I tried to take whatever lesson that I could. There were many things I was not aware of and is wasn't making mistakes at all, just learning to be aware so they don't happen again. I find myself once again learning and this time my goal is to not only keep improving my awareness; but to use it every day. There have been in the last 6-7 months so many things to learn from. Now that I live with somebody & her daughter; biggest challenge was not living alone and in "David world", as it was put to me. Still, I am learning to be mindful of others and also watch my own behavior. It's not very fair to bring unnecessary drama into a house that is a happy place. Here is where the awareness will be key. To recognize and stop the drama. Stop the tension and the repercussions from happening. Nobody ever said it would be easy; so I take each day and try to live it the right way. Love is a wonderful thing; as are kindness and compassion. However, nobody should have to sit and take being mistreated; and by the same right - nobody should have the right to mistreat anybody. That being said, things should be on an even keel and again, nobody said it would be easy. But I'm learning life lessons, every day I learn something new.