Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Something beautiful I came across...

"You’re not the breath I breathe, just the sweet scent that I enjoy. You’re not the sights I see, just the most beautiful of them. You’re not the water I drink, just the flavor that makes it taste so good. You’re not the ground I walk on, just the partner I sometimes lean on. You’re not the blood in my veins, just what makes it burn so sweetly. You’re not my life, just the one I want to spend it with. You’re not my world, just the best thing in it."

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Why (7/23)

Why is it sometimes I feel like crying, but only want to be happy. Even I know it's ok to cry, it still feels bad before feeling good. Why does it hurt so badly in my heart? Tonight, I felt this & it made me want to cry again.
These questions are just rhetorical & have no real answers. Tomorrow is another day, another chance to do it differently. For today is for only one day.