Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Keep The Wheels Moving

I have found that when getting to a certain point, I feel the urge to let up. Even stop and look at where I stood then, versus where I stand now. That's when it seemingly harder to get moving again; it's not getting going so much as it's returning my focus to moving forward. Now, I have learned that no matter what, do not stop or slow down too much. This does not mean rushing from one goal to another, but to be present enough to know more must be done in order to achieve the current goal.
The same thing can be said when meeting opposition; failure and everything they encompass. It reminds me that no matter what - keep moving forward; keep pushing and never, ever give up. The Japanese say: "fall down seven times, get up eight" and just shows good cause to keep on fighting, pushing, doing. Our life is shaped by the actions and ultimately the results of those actions; that is why it is so important to do our very best.


Sometimes, the choices we make don't end up being the best ones. Even if they seem that way, but as time goes on, the good reveals the bad. And if that can't be corrected, it becomes a bad choice. Now, if it's a mistake; best thing to do is try and learn from it. Then move on, re-think and make a new plan. I do my best to make better choices, but life is a learning experience and I am always learning.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Unlocking Your Dreams...

The other day, I came up with a short line & went like this: "unlock your dream closet and let your dreams fill the air". That made me think about writing more on dreams and unlocking them.
Even though I believe in action; it's not only the hardest thing for me, but the most important 1st step towards achieving our dreams. That, along with a plan, will be essential to making things happen.
Having said this; I am working everyday to do more, take more actions that will help me unlock all of my dreams. I love the fact that we will never run out of dreams, they are there and continue to be. Each time we are able to achieve one, there is a new one just waiting for us to take that big, 1st step. Life is short and I am making a valiant attempt living it to it's fullest!
DK (ツ)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We should never forget, happiness is contagious—spread it whenever and wherever you can.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I love the sunshine and the way it feels on my face. That feeling can take any trouble away; at least for those moments. It reminds me that no matter what, the sun stills shines, it will set at day's end and rise again tomorrow.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Changes: One thing that will be a constant; that is changes. Daily, things do not remain the same. Changes are not about hard or easy, but necessary. DK


Today is a new day. It matters not what we did yesterday. We are not defined by our yesterdays; yet we can learn from each day lived. It seems that every day has a lesson, whether it be good or bad. Our goal is to take what these lessons what we can and leave the rest to remain in the past. Move on, let go and breathe in the fresh air.