Thursday, August 25, 2011

Unlocking Your Dreams...

The other day, I came up with a short line & went like this: "unlock your dream closet and let your dreams fill the air". That made me think about writing more on dreams and unlocking them.
Even though I believe in action; it's not only the hardest thing for me, but the most important 1st step towards achieving our dreams. That, along with a plan, will be essential to making things happen.
Having said this; I am working everyday to do more, take more actions that will help me unlock all of my dreams. I love the fact that we will never run out of dreams, they are there and continue to be. Each time we are able to achieve one, there is a new one just waiting for us to take that big, 1st step. Life is short and I am making a valiant attempt living it to it's fullest!
DK (ツ)

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