Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Let's Talk About 2016

Was this a year that good things happened or only bad? That's a rhetorical question, in my mind. Clearly it's not one or the other. More precisely, it's a culmination of both which creates the balance we live in. Life will never be fair and the world 🌎 owes us nothing. Each day, we have a chance to do good, be kind, change or take time to reflect. Nobody can take away our ideals or identity. It does not matter who is elected, because they don't pick our tribe. It does matter if we can all bind together and try our best to love one another. But hey, this is just my opinion and nobody can take that away either. In a year where we saw friends pass; along with some of the most brilliant names in music and movies leave us, there are so many bright moments that we fail to focus on. Be grateful for life's challenges, they make a person stronger and learn what to look out for in a situation which may arise down the road. Keep it simple, no point in overthinking things or staying up regretting the past. To move forward and be the best possible versions of ourselves is the one investment which will always pay dividends in the end. Here's to a year where we grew as people and to a new year brimming with opportunity.