Monday, April 15, 2013

Once Again; An Act of Violence Occurs...

Today was not supposed to be a day of mourning.  It was a celebration of Boston's history, heritage and unquenchable spirit; Patriots Day.  In addition, it was the running of the Boston Marathon.  This should have been the most magnificent day for the city of Boston.  But that was not the case unfortunately. 
In a most despicable plot; some person or part of group of people planted synchronized bombs in garbage cans lining the blocks parallel to the finish line.  Then, in a moment: the first one was detonated, causing windows to shatter, innocent people to die and so many injured.  Some of these injuries were near-fatal and others resulted in amputations.  I am not much for grizzly details at all, but more so the pain that these people have experienced today has sent shock waves all over the planet.  
Yes, the President has vowed to catch this person or people.  Indeed there is at least one possible suspect in custody; yet there are still casualties, so many injured and the collateral damage still mounting.  I, for one, am beyond devastated; not unlike any person reading this right now.  I am sending our prayers out to these innocent people.  People who were looking to enjoy a sunny day of tradition; the Marathon and celebrating their Boston pride.  Now, it is a city in lock down; in ashes, tears, blood and despair.  This is not right and how the hell can it be happening; in not only broad daylight, but in one of the major cities in America?! Yes, I have an angry tone.  It brings back awful memories of September 11, or the first attempt back in 1992-3 to blow it up and leading up to Hurricane Sandy, most recently.  True, we are strong people to a point, but nobody asked to have these things happen.  How will we respond this time?  It is going to be revealed in the days to follow.  For right now, all we can do is pray for these people and wait for more news to unfold.
Please keep the people of Boston in your thoughts and prayers.