Friday, September 13, 2013


After Sandy, we knew things would not be the same as before the storm. The shore towns did their best to rebuild what was rebuild-able and carried on. 
The summer was not so amazing in general far as weather and there was definitely something missing when one went to Seaside and to the boardwalk. Still, the "new normal" was getting us all on with a decent existence. Even though the new boardwalk material was dark and looked like synthetic wood, it was better than no boardwalk. 
We all did our best to embrace it. 
Yesterday, it all ended in flames. As I learned of the boardwalk fire, it was early afternoon and I was at my desk. I quickly told Maryellen and she saw the horror for herself.  Words can not describe the feelings of sadness; after all we have fought through. Less than a year after Sandy, 80% of the boardwalk is charred remains. Homes were not lost, businesses were. Luckily, no deaths. Thankfully, some brave first responders had only minor injuries. Even as Governor Christie proclaimed "we will dust ourselves off and carry on"; it's not so easy for people who have not fully recovered from a catastrophe. The people of the real Jersey Shore are quite a resilient bunch, but still. I pray for the best possible scenario and for the possibility of another recovery.  I'm thankful the teams of firefighters from all surrounding towns jumped in to help Seaside and get the blaze out. What an ordeal for the boardwalk, which held countless memories for so many. 

send the negtive feelings packing...

sometimes, I wrestle with my feelings that aren't always positive. in fact, they can be downright horrible. still, it is my focus to separate fact from fiction and know which feelings are real and which are simply false. fear, ego, jealousy - they are all bullshit and will not allow them to be real. of course, those are valid feelings, but have no place in my mind. I kick them out. they belong in the trash bin to be deleted. 
I need to take deep breaths and take stock in all the good things in my life. that's the best way to really send negative thoughts packing.  another great action is to be of service, help a friend and expect nothing in return. that's how I do it and the mood changes back to gratitude again. once I purge all the junk out. it's as if the sky clears and our comes the sun. it might not be easy, but it's worth it. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sit and Listen To the World...

Days like this, as I sit and listen to the world, I can hear and feel the changes. 
it seems to be each time year, at this time, where I feel it.  Maybe it's the earth's rotation or just the slow change of season.  But, no matter how or why, it just is. 
I just sit back, look around and listen to the the world around me.  Sometimes, I feel a difference in the air and other times I notice things that are inherent to the new month.  Soon, the leaves will undoubtedly be crunching below our feet. Today, the sun is shining brightly and it's a beautiful day.  One thing I never forget to do, is to appreciate the beauty all around me and the little things in life.