Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Giving Is Much Better Than Receiving

For long as I've heard it, I have always identified with the saying "it is better to give, than receive".  In living this way, it has opened up the world in ways I never dreamed of; I am not even speaking in terms of material possessions at all here.  In fact, it is the way to "Live Simply".
I look at it like this: how nice it feels to give somebody a helping hand and see the smile on their face as they say "thank you"; or even the simple act of holding the door for people and they smile.  These unselfish gestures continue to give back; because whether or not we realize how paying it forward works or karma or call it what you will - the good vibrations keep reverberating in the best ways.  Plus, the warm feeling that I get from being kind and considerate make me smile all the time. This is one of the ways the goodness keeps coming back; long as you are selfless and kind to others, it always will.  I love that! 
Having nice things is all good and well; but in the end - it's just stuff.  

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