Monday, December 3, 2012

What Does It Mean...

What does it mean... when we lose somebody who we can not replace; when even the memories are irreplaceable? then that person has a permanent place in our hearts. at first, I admit; it's hard to understand. but I'm not afraid to explore my feelings as I learn about this new kind of grieving. a lifetime is not measured in years; no, but in what we fill those years with. with who we give our precious time to and to who we truly love. in life, we will come across all kinds of people. family - that's a different type. true, family is who surround ourselves with.  classically; it is our parents, grandparents, brothers & sisters, cousins, etc. well, losing a parent is something I'm now learning to both understand & deal with. no, I'm clearly not alone in experiencing this at all; still it is new to me. I'm learning with each minute, hour and day. here I sit; 36,000 miles above in an airplane: heading to Florida for my Mom's funeral. so, it is natural for me to open up about how I feel. I know it's 100% real in every way. really hard to swallow... really hard. I'm going to continue breathing in and out.

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