Monday, December 3, 2012


As I watched the slow coming of the dawn; I was quietly contemplating & taking inventory of my life. yesterday, my mother passed away & not that it came as a shock; but the fact that I'm in shock. She was in a special facility that dealt with dementia & other age-related problems. I truly believe she gave up & no longer wanted to live; in a way that was far from who she was. my father is so fragile now; even though I am in mourning, he lost his best friend & is beyond upset. I lost my mother & that's where I'm in shock. hard to be exactly prepared for that kind of news; no matter what. love and loss are an everyday part of life. it touches each one of us & we are affected in different ways...
from now on, when I look at the sunrise; I will wonder if my mother is looking at me through the sunshine.

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  1. Hi David; Wishing you peace and strength through this trial and holiday season. Dave