Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Things Do Not Always Go According To Plan

The last 2 months have been a bit of a roller-coaster; to say the least.  Wonderful things have been happening, but also a lot of craziness; plus stress levels have been elevated.  It all seems to germinate from not being able to, or follow a plan.  Yes, plans are made to keep things running smoothly; however, there are a number of unexpected things that crop up.  
We sold the house that both my girlfriend and her daughter lived in for the last 17 years.  Then, we moved to a wonderful, new apartment on the water.  Moving in a very stressful ordeal, even for the calmest individual.  For me, it turns my whole world upside-down & I need to re-start again.  Having ADD; once a system is in place that works, I stick to it.  Now, there is a whole new system and I am still adapting to it.
I actually have struggled with following plans my entire life and it is not done deliberately.  It is always my best intentions that I start with.  If I allow even a simple change, it can throw everything else off for me.  I work on this each day and know that it is progress, not perfection.  I want following plans to be something I am able to do and continue to work on it.  
This does not only affect me, but my whole family.  I know how stressful not following the plan can be for the people involved.  
Still, there has been progress made and as I continue to work on things, it will be a little easier each time.  

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