Sunday, May 11, 2014


I rarely speak about my Mother, but being this is the 2nd Mother's Day since her passing, it felt like the right time. 
She was a person who held her cards very close to the vest. Loved to cook and we always had a freshly prepared dinner each night. Random, no, just telling her story. My mom grew up in the Bronx and was raised in a household where her father, aka pop pop, ruled with an iron fist. No. he was not my favorite either.  She was a very shy and reserved person who was typically quiet if she didn't know you. 
She worked as a secretary before meeting my father. They started dating before he was drafted in the Korean War. She promised to wait for him until he returned safely from his duty overseas. They eventually got married and started our family. 
I have an older brother, Stuart and older sister, Shari. We moved from The Bronx down to Marlboro in 1971. My father had just started his own CPA firm at that point. 
After being a stay at home mom for years, my mother joined my father and helped with his growing business. They were a good team and worked really hard together. 
In 1997 they sold the house in Marlboro and moved to Boynton Beach, Florida. 
I really grew up with a decent relationship with my mother, but she was also not always warm and fuzzy. Any of my friends can attest to this. It wasn't until a few months before her death, that I learned why. Her father was very abusive and she carried that burden her whole life. So very unfortunate, because it made her so timid and so reserved in many aspects. 
As her dementia got worse, my mom kept asking some of her usual questions and slowly would forget the answers. 
She was misunderstood because she wasn't able to communicate well with others or tell people why. She was very blunt though and had no problem telling people like it was. That always made me smile.
I miss my mom and love her no matter what. Mother's Day won't ever be the same without her. 

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