Sunday, February 24, 2013

It's Okay To Not Be Okay

It's really okay to not be okay.  Not every single day will be our ideal; not a bad thing, but a fact of life.  Sometimes, I need to stop and realize that in fact, I'm not okay in that moment. It takes me a few days to identify and admit it; but then I set about accepting this and moving forward.
I was thinking about my children a lot this week and all of the drama I have been through with them.  Even though I have accepted things in my heart; does not mean it won't still hurt some days.  The feelings are justified because they are real; this is not some ego-based nonsense.  I digress: my heart is open and I have no secrets to reveal.  Missing my role in my children's lives was not choice I wanted to make.  That is, until my role was so diminished; I had to decide what would hurt me less and in the long run I know my decision was right.  Still, I have a scar that will always be there and that is what it is.  All I can do is live my life and be the best David I can be.  Loving my family is unconditional and I am grateful that the people I surround myself with love me the same way; as I love them.  As I have said; it's okay to not be okay sometimes.  Today is a new day and I am not missing out on it. I am getting a little better by sharing and with each word that I type.  Thanks for reading and listening. Happy to report that good things are always a constant in life!

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  1. The story isn't over til it's over... I've heard wonderful stories of reunion after time apart.