Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday, Sunday...

Chloe got picked by her mom early today and so I go immediately into retrospective and self-evaluation mode. My heart hurts each time she leaves or when I drop her off. My 2 older daughters are equally as special, but my bond w/ Chloe is newer and very strong now. Most people do not realize I am close to 41 years old have lived a much bigger life than i choose to let on. I believe what I do is my business - unless i share, so now I'm blogging it!!

I started writing down little snippets of things I am thinking about, so here are some:

LIFE: it may considered as borrowed time, but we have the choice as to how we live it during ours.

HAPPINESS is not an accident

Into each life, they say; a little rain must fall. The amount of sun, well that has yet to be defined.

DAYS and years my go past, but true true friendship is timeless.

Filling our days with selfless acts, kind deeds and compassion only makes us stronger as a whole.


  1. Oh! So sweet! HAPPINESS is not an accident! I love!


  2. So your blog is 4 months old, thereabouts?
    Just went back as far as I could. I like your blog, Kugey-poo.