Wednesday, May 2, 2012

(ツ)there is always time for kindness...♡

Plato said it best: "always be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle."  It has been a long transition for me; in the last 2 years.  I have also been able to grow and learn from everything.  With that comes a lot of knowledge.  Knowledge about the way I think,live, love and the person I strive to be.  One of the greatest assets in this process, is kindness. Towards everyone and especially towards myself.  I have learned not to judge anybody, ever; for I know not what they have endured or are enduring.  No person has the right to judge anyone; unless they have walked the same path - exactly the same path - as that person. This allows for kindness through mutual understanding and even helps with conflict resolution.  Still, even I need to be reminded sometimes & I am grateful, because it means that I am still learning.  There is always time for kindness, as this post is titled; we can give a smile or even hold the door for somebody & it is as simple as that.  Even in the the rushed, harried world; not unlike stopping to smell the roses, there is always time for kindness.
Remember that next time you have the opportunity to be kind.  I t can change some body's day - especially yours!!  It gives back and you will see that you don't look for the rewards, but you feel them automatically.  It dramatically improves life, being kind, it creates wonderful things.  Be kind, there is always time for it and there is always time to be kind to ourselves, too.