Monday, October 24, 2011

Fighting the Good Fight

Even though we seek peace; I have learned that life has a lot of fighting in it. There are many kinds of fighting: fighting with somebody - this is perhaps the most common kind. Fighting for what we believe in - this is the most noble. Then, I broke the next 2 types down (which are similar): we have people in our lives who will fight beside us; unflinchingly. This is very noble and shows the very fiber true friends are made of. The next is my favorite: a person who will fight FOR you: not only will they be by our sides; they will support, defend and treat us as they would themselves. They will not allow us to wallow or act in fear, but they also won't fight our battles for us. No, they will stick with us & not allow any harm - or at least what they can deflect. To have a person like this in our life is the greatest gift of all and this person is irreplaceable. To that note - we should not only be able to do the same for them, but also cherish this person, for they hold us in such high esteem and treat us like a treasure. It's a beautiful thing to behold.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Not Missing Out On A Beautiful Day...

Today was a day that beckoned me... Beckoned me to slow down, enjoy what is around me & if I was able - play hooky!! We are having the most amazing and gorgeous stretch of weather. Today, is a gem: 80's, low humidity & sunshine! Oddly enough, Columbus Day is a holiday when I have to work. That means I would get to enjoy limited exposure to this day, but still better than none at all. I am grateful to take in what I can & return to my desk; where I am sharing with all who read my blog. It reminds to slow down and savor the moments in life. Awesome!